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Can a bad game review ruin the fortcoming sales of that title ? YES.

Does the bad Metacritic  review of a good game hurt the games sales ? YES

Do many gamers allow Metacritic to decide their purchase of a game ? That is the question at hand.

Video Games as with any other product will now and always be judged. Either by the purchaser or by critics and reviewers alike. Their are good reviews and there are bad reviews, then there is word of mouth. We used to think that word of mouth was the best way to get information across to the masses, but in the day of the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it so much easier to just post an opinion and within seconds it's all over the world.

Back in the days it was all about word of mouth combined with magazine reviews that the opinions of a games quality was conveyed.  Either a frind of a friend would tell you how good or how bad a game was. Or maybe you would just have that game on your radar, then when it's released you would pick it up and see for yourself.

Game magazines played a huge part also. Gamepro, EGM, Nintendo Power, PC Gamer and the likes, were a huge part in the decision making on weather you bought a game or not. If the review was favorable, that was all it took to push you over the fence. A ad review also made you think twice about your future purchase.

But Metacritic is a whole different beast. A combination of all reviews will calculate the percenage of said game score. Is that fair ?

How many respected game reviewers are there left ? Game review sites are at an all time, but do we really need to take some of them seriously ?

Can Maxim Magazine review of a game really be taken seriously ? How about the dozen others that pop up every year ?

Metacritic has a very huge effect on the Gaming world, some good and some very very bad. What does a Metacritic review of a game say to your interest of purchasing that game ?