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AngryLemon said:
Hi, I am TornadoCreator. I'm bumping this thread to say simply this, I'm leaving. The moderators on this site have a stick up their fucking arse the size of a redwood and can't seem to handle a basic somewhat heated debate. I'm sick of being refereed like a fucking child. Yet again I have a 3 day ban for simply being frank and honest. There's no way I'm waiting three days to post this so I re-registered. I was hoping the first time was a one-off over-zelous moderator, but no, it's apparently a trend and that's unfortunate.

To all those I had good chats and debates with, especially those in the FFXIII thread; even those I disagreed with: It was nice to talk with you all and I perhaps we'll talk on other sites. Thanks for giving me a little social interaction, especially as I have so little in my life. Drop me a message on Facebook or Backloggery any time, I enjoy talking about games and you all welcomed me here, if you ever fancy a chat I'm just a mouse-click away. It's sad that I must leave but clearly the rules here are not conducive to adults having mature conversations, so it's the way it has to be.

To the moderators. Grow up, there's a reason so many threads here lack any real meat to them... because anything short of a sales prediction, any slight level of passion and you treat us all like children. Your power-trip is truly pathetic and only indicates how unfulfilled and lacking of authority your real lives must be. Your rules are a sad indication of just how thin skinned, and disconnected to the internet as a whole, you really are. Fuck you. I'm out of here. I have better things to do than waste my time here any more.

With the way you present yourself, and the way you debate with people who don't think like you do, it's no wonder you have so little social interactions in your life. It's not the mods who have to man up. It's you. Come back once you've learned some manners and respect. You'll be welcome then.

I understand it's frustrating when you get banned. But take this time to think about the reason you've been banned, and re-evaluate the way you approach people here. Yeah, it's the internet. But that's no excuse to be a dick to people. Don't be a part of the problem. 

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