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The Fury said:

Runa216 said:
"Don't bother having an opinion on the net, for as long as someone disagrees with you, you are wrong. simple as that."

The reason I am so passionate about my hatred of Final Fantasy XIII is that I do not, under any circumstances, want to see another game like it. Final Fantasy was literally the most dominant force in JRPGs from 1987-2006, 19 years of dominance in its market, and I loved every one of them that I played. To see the overall direction of the series shift into something that is shallow, poorly written, fundamentally flawed, and is a prime example of style over substance kills me inside. .../

/... Final Fantasy has a LOT of pull in the RPG world, so if Square-Enix decides to go in the FFXIII direction, then the genre will be ruined, and I do not want to see that happen.

Well said. It good for many of us to keep repeating ourselves if needed to make sure SquEnix know how they went wrong and to not make the same mistakes.

Agreed, it's one of the reasons I'm so quick to speak out about games I dislike, and also why I'm so quick to defend and extoll the virtues of games I enjoy but feel get a bad rep or are overlooked (like DmC). The think we have to remember is that as consumers we have a small voice, easily ignored, so we have to speak out in force. Sure people say "vote with your wallet" but that doesn't work. Ubisoft interpreted Zombie U's failure as a lack of interest in the Wii U, not that the game was ultimately disappointing, (I've not actually played it). If we want games to our tastes, we need to make ourselves heard and that means repeatedly calling out games when they're bad, and praising games when they're good... but with care not to become, haters or fanboys. Unnecessary backlash and pointless overhype helps no-one.