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Why FF13 doesn't suck:

Because I enjoyed the hell out of it.

I'm sorry (but not really) that you don't like the style of game it is. It's just not your thing, and I understand that.

It IS my kind of game though. I love the linearity. I hate having to explore an endless sandbox full on nonsensical or relevant dialogue. I hate having to walk around for 12 hours just to find what I'm supposed to do next, instead of having it right there in front of me.

I loved the combat! It's not just the same old FF IV turn based stuff, it's a little more in depth, but not so complicated that I can't understand it. (Looking at you, Knights in the Nightmare)

The plot made sense to me. Destroying the world will force the Gods to show themselves and interact to make a new world.

It's too bad you spent so much time and effort in tearing something down, rather than doing something you actually enjoy; Like playing a video game you actually enjoy!


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