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Honest to God Review: MGS5 Ground Zeroes (PS4).

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes (PS4) US$ 29,90 (Digital).
First of all, I bought my copy on PSN (PS4), for about 30 dollars, it is a nice deal because the physical copy costs up to 100 dollars here in Brazil.
Althought I own all consoles (minus WiiU), I went with the PS4 version since sony is nice enough to give me free indie games in the PSN PLUS program, we got to give back some love to them for that.
Well, now, the game:
I REALLY REALLY really loved!
It is the kind of game I can play 20, 30 times and try diferent aproaches in every play session, I am so in love with MGS5 GZ, what a masterpiece, AMAZING!
I took 93 minutes to clear the Ground Zeroes mission, but I was really really sloppy, got caught a bunch of times and died, did some Rambo shit too, killed a lot of soldiers...
I think that doing a ninja play session would take a lot longer, like 3 or 4 hours, and also there is a lot of hidden stuff and eye candy that I ignored to make this time.
It feels like a old school NES game somehow, I can´t explain! It is hard and fun, feels like a REAL video game, not some bulshit full of QTE that is barelly interactive or entertaining.
But also, it feels like a MGS game, it is so freaking fun, I can´t stop playing!
My final thoughts? Kojima is a freaking genious, this game is a piece of heaven, but I don´t know how much of the new generation gamers can understand it´s appeal and flavor. I really hope they get it, because this is just amazing video game right here, everyone should taste it.
MGS5 GZ is the coolest PS4 game yet!
There are still some missions to go, I will play them tomorrow. I still think the same: althought it can be played (in a sloppy way) in 4 or 5 hours (every mission counts), this game is much more fun than anything the west have been shoving down our throats as "30 hours games".
Who cares if it is short? If it is fun as this, I will play till my fingers bleed. And if it is boring, then 1 hour is way too long.
That said, to complete everything and get good enough to achieve everything would definitely take 20 hours or more. Heck, to gamers like me is more like infinite hours, since I am not that good...
Final Score:
Graphics: 10/10.
Gameplay: 10/10.
Story: 10/10.
Sound: 10/10.
By the way, I realize that this review sounds biased, but that what happens when a game make us fall in love with it, reason goes away. I missed that in video games, thank you mr. Hideo Kojima, for bringing it back to gaming.
And to put things in perspective, about the game lenght, I just finished the SIDE OPS mission Classified Intel, did my best, but it took me 68 minutes!

My grammar errors are justified by the fact that I am a brazilian living in Brazil. I am also very stupid.