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@ bolded honestly id say the odds are pretty good, doesnt matter if it skips Ninty consoles as im sure a lot of gamers or at least enough are multiplat owners anyway. Hell its probably been like that since SOny got on the scene which by coincidence is when MGS got big. pretty sure most N64, GC and even WIi owners had another console where they would play MGS to their content. As for Ninty themselves? fair enough, it wouldnt make sense to approach him especially since they didnt intially, he did. He just didnt do it this time, probably cause he's busy with 5

I never meant to isuniate that Snake belonged more than Mega Man, hell no that makes no sense. BUt I do believe that Snake was more hyped...maybe hyped is a strong word, maybe shock as people didnt see that coming. Mega Man was well received didnt say otherwise, but IMHO the shock factor wasnt there like it was with Snake. Probably cause Mega Man does make more sense. I dont know the game itself seems to be the least hyped Smash ive seen. Again ill stress ive never thought Snake should have priority or is more important, i didnt even like the guy in smash and hes my 3rd fav video game character period. I wont go so far to say it would be negative I dont think people are that petty, they will just ignore him if he was in it which i dont think he is anyway.

As for Simon, well thats kind of my point not since SNES has he been seen. That was years I think it would be in Ninty's best interest to get a character that was more relevant. Alucard is more relevant as the game he starred in was THE most popular game in the franchise. Thats not opinion, SOTN is the best selling one and ironically its the one that theyve been trying to remake for years on GBA/DS they havent tried to make a original Castlevania in the original style in who knows how long. NOW they could get one of the more recent characters from the DS games. I think Soma? could work

Well, it's hard to say how many multiplatform owners are out there, and from those how many are Metal Gear fans... All I can say here is that, it doesn't help. So I'm inclined to believe the odds are not that good when compared to the other franchises that do get regular representation. But as I said before, it's not just about raw popularity. Even if the overall popularity of Metal Gear compensates the lack of releases on Nintendo platforms, you still have to wonder whether he's the best fit for the series and its fans, as a 3rd party character. My answer, you already know...

Snake was probably more of a shock than Mega Man, sure. But don't forget that Brawl was the first Smash to include 3rd party characters, so that alone was a surprise on its own... By the time the upcoming Smash was announced, a ton of gamers had already expressed their desire to see many 3rd party characters, and Mega Man was one of the most requested ones. In fact, if I remember correctly, there were some comments regarding his potential inclusion in Brawl by Inafune and Sakurai... He was an obvious choice, and therefore somewhat expected, but that's just a testament of how much people wanted him in and how well he fits there. As a Mega Man fan myself, I can't stress that enough...

Regarding Simon, he did appear on other games after SNES, like Castlevania The Adventure: Rebirth and Judgment. There's also a few cameos here and there I believe... It's not much, but it's something that keeps him from being forgotten. I'm aware that SotN is the most popular 2D Castlevania, but that wasn't on a Nintendo platform, so the impact is not as much among Nintendo fans. And that was by far his game... Now, Soma Cruz... I don't know... Nintendo fans might be more familiar with him than Alucard, but I think he's still less popular than either him or Simon overall. After all, he's only in 2 games, and didn't even get into Judgment... Another fundamental thing to keep in mind here is that Simon is the original protagonist of the franchise, and a Belmont. That has to count...

Oh i think its quite easy to determine how much MP gamers are out there. Well...depending on the gen. THe thing about Ninty systems and im just going to say it they miss a LOT of 3rd party games period. its been that way since N64 and its that way with Wii U and I dont see that changing. Now with that being said their is a conditioning where you HAVE to get another console or you miss out. Im going to assume that their are more actual fans of video games in general than of Ninty in particular. Meaning people arent going to want to miss out on their games, that was proved with the massive sales for PS1 versus N64 AND the software that USED to grace the Ninty systems. 100mil vs 50mil pretty sure half the n64 owners had a PS1, hell I dont know anyone who only had n64 they all gave in in the end. (anectodal) PS2 even worse. 150mil vs 20mil? gap is way too big pretty sure most GC owners had a PS2. PS isnt the alternative its what you get, then you get another system. PS360 the libraries were so different anyway. Wii missed too much stuff and even the stuff they got there was a HUGE sales gap in some software. COD is the biggest one. Thats just what i think BUT you are right not being on Ninty systems doesnt help and it isnt about raw popularity. I just believe that MG series is a big enough series, been around the longest where it isnt TOO weired that Snake is in Smash.

Not a massive Mega Man fan, but i get it I do. I never saw the inclusion of 3rd party characters as coming as a shock. I thought it was always rumored that Sonic was gonna show up sooner rather than later. ANd no before anyone says anything Sonic is not some unofficial Ninty character he appeared on a bunch of non Ninty platforms.

Fair enough for Simon he is an OG. But i really dont think Konami needs to remind anyone of Judgement and Rebirth was a remake of a game that wasnt that popular to begin with. Think it comes back to Ninty vs. video games. Is Smash supposed to be a celebration of Ninty history? Or game history in general? Becasue IMHO it doesnt matter if Alucard, Simon, Soma or whoever shows up. Its stopped being strictly about Ninty the moment they announced Solid Snake in the game. But maybe they are trying to close pandora's box. Hell as soon as they said they would have 3rd party characters it stopped being about just Ninty.