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I don't understand all the Snake hate here. He is a great character and also legendary, his franchise started in 1987 and is still going strong today. He definitely deserves his spot back among the other all-stars.

Anyone that doesn't think he belongs in smash bros or thinks that he is from a generic series needs to play a metal gear game, as a matter of fact get snake eater 3d on 3ds its fantastic.

You can argue that he is not relevant to Nintendo as I have seen many times, and I can bring up the counterargument that I have also seen many times that 3 main entries have been ported to nintendo systems (Snake Eater 3ds being pretty recent), but these arguments do not matter because the fact is that he is a veteran, and the first 3rd party veteran on top of that, which makes him pretty relevant to smash bros/nintendo history.

The other possible Konami reps (Simon and Bomberman) are also worthy characters in their own right, but what chances do they have against a veteran?