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Supepupes said:
tbone51 said:

If Lucina was an alt skin do you think they would change Marth's name to her name when shes picked and call it out when she won too? I know she would definitely have a voice change at the very least. The thing that bugs me about the alt skin idea though is that in Awakening, Lucina fights with a completely different posture and stance than Marth does in the smash bros series so I feel it would look a bit unnatural if they did it.

How do you feel about Mallo as a character though?

Geno is an ok character (I think Mallow is the cooler teammate personally) but i've never understood the appeal for Krystal. She is a minor supporting character that only showed up in the Star Fox games that everyone always talked crap about in the first place. I personally enjoyed Adventures, Assault, and Command, but I didn't like Krystal as a character, Peppy is the much better Star Fox teammate.

Also, how do you feel about Mike Jones from StarTropics? I want him in almost as much as Lucina.

I love both Mallo and Geno! Both are great characters, in fact i kinda like Mallo more but all you hear is Geno for SSB!

I seen mike jones, but i dont kno of him unfortunately!