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sales2099 said:
BeElite said:
sales2099 said:

But allready its less then what PS3 gave you, PS4 recently launched or not. Games you don't actually own. Watch Dogs bundle isn't a free game included.

MS giving away Titanfall for free, when hundreds of thousands would have bought a plain X1 for it. Forza 5 free now in the US. Allready MS is more generous.

less according to bies you.

Awesome, Ms should spread that generousti to its early adopters then.

lol you just strengthened the agument that Ms is screwing over its early adopters, thanks!

Nope MS being more generous to potential customers is different. If you pay attention.....X1 early adopters don't care. It happens to be PS fans....oh excuse me "all around gamers with a heavy PS bias" seem to be making the fuss.

We know the X1 will have a holiday bundle this year, probably in November. Does that mean those who bought it in October are screwed? lol please.

Lol no its just the likes of you defending them no matter what.

The world hell reality is PS bias, its just a MUCH better product.  You are blindly backing a loser well not even that, a second place winner there happy ?  Any normal X1 owner wants free stuff.  Especially when they are seeing X1 owners getting free stuff 2/3 month after they purchesed their consoles. 

Has MS or have they not offered free stuff to their early adopters to make up for a early price cut?