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sales2099 said:
BeElite said:
sales2099 said:

I could buy a PS3 today and still have my views of PS and Sony. Ownership means nothing.

Doesn't address what I called you out on. Spinning MS giving away free games as bad, and the benefits of losing which Sony had last gen (and passed the deals onto you). With PS4 winning, I doubt Sony will be as generous as MS will be this gen.How you'd spin that as bad for MS,tells me all I need to know.

Your spin is deluded wishfull pro ms thinking, nothing more.

Im getting free stuff on PS4 each month, your doubts mean nothing when reality says other wise. 

But allready its less then what PS3 gave you, PS4 recently launched or not. Games you don't actually own. Watch Dogs bundle isn't a free game included.

MS giving away Titanfall for free, when hundreds of thousands would have bought a plain X1 for it. Forza 5 free now in the US. Allready MS is more generous.

PS+ is free games on every platform, Vita, PS3, and PS4(Since release)

Sony is unveiling PS Now, where is MS's backwards compatibility option?

What if I don't want TF or WD? That sh1t's not a price cut.

You think this will last? You cleary don't know MS.

What about all that money they are losing? Aren't you the one that said OG was a sinking ship, what about all this "generousity" money.

You are just proving my point about Xbox apologizing, that's why the internet would break if Major Nelson even tweeted "I Apologize" or "Please Understand"

Playstation and Nintendo could NEVER get away with the sh1t that Xbox pulls

In this day and age, with the Internet, ignorance is a choice! And they're still choosing Ignorance! - Dr. Filthy Frank