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Max King of the Wild said:
Feniris said:

Either that, or they just became an easy aquisition target for Sony/MSoft/Samsung/Google, ect.  They've lost all leverage with this annoucement and now have no reason to keep on without changing their entire target market. 

I figure this tech is useless for anyone other than the big three. Considering Sony is suppose to have their own and I dont think it works with MS' vision (who knows though) then that would leave Nintendo. Gimmick that has potential to hit the core and casual crowds is just like nintendo (spending money however isnt)

I doubts Nintendo goes for something like this. Again.

They have said many times that their focus is kids, and how can you sell a headset to someone who' head will grow as generation goes on? Can the same piece of hardware fit the head of a 8 yo kid just like the head of someone with 14 or the one of a full grown adult? I doubt it.

But I would love to play Metroid that way!

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