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yvanjean said:

Killzone release on the PS4 with its glorious next-gen graphic and polish, unfortunately it did nothing to improve the gameplay and innovate on a overused FPS formula from the Xbox360/PS3 games. It reminded gamers that have fatigue of the same COD/Battlefield formula that we actually want gameplay/experience improvement over graphical/polish. 

Titanfall might actually break the mold and deliver us with the true next-gen innovation in gameplay and refinement in what made us love FPS in the first place but more importantly gives us a fresh new take on the experience.


Microsoft is also delivering with the New XboxOne Titanfall Bundle for those gamers still on the fence.

Sure Sony could counter by offering a Infamous Second Son bundle at $399.99. But, given the choice I'd rather play Titanfall then Infamous.

I came here hoping to read a news article writtne by someone who's played a lot of KZ:SF and a lot of the TF beta and has analysed all aspects of each game and itemised the pros and cons and shwon objectively how TF has taken FPS to the next level while KZ:SF is just mnore of the same. Instead we get the opinion of someone with no credentials (not that gaming "journalists have much cred"), and in all likelihood someone whose never played a single KZ game.

This is the soprt of thread that should be locked. Opinion based on no experience.

And weird bringing up of Infamous in some out of context way. I can certainly say infamous is everything KZ and TF are not, and that's an open world, third person, action game, with awesome superpowers. Personally I can't understand how any FPS game can stack up to those features.

One of the few game reviewers I think is worth paying attention to is Yahtzee. His review of KZ:SF was pretty positive for a zero punctuation review, certainly more positive than almost any other FPS review he's done recently, except for Bioshock Infinite. Now there's a game that's everything TF isn't. Unfortunately I don't think there will be a zero punctuation TF review because Yahtzee hates multiplayer, but maybe he will review it and it would be interesting to see that review. Perhaps TF will be the one MP game that Yahtzee likes.

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