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MS is really having a hard time with the Xbox One now.

Titanfall was supposed to be their saviour and that would push hardware a lot, you might want to ask yourself why is MS actually giving the game for free. This game has been hype as the COD killer, the next best thing. They even had a article saying they had 2 millions players when the Beta was released. So why would MS consider probably taking some lost on the Xbob One by reducing the price (only in UK), and also give away Titanfall for free  (For new buyers in a bundle) which propably will cost them more money. To make matters more alarming MS claims after the last NPD numbers that they are selling the Xbox One 2.29 time faster than the Xbox360. So why???

Here are the reasons that MS needed that desperated move. MS announced in the latest report that they shipped 3.9 Xbox One and 3.5 Xbox 360. As of February 15 they have around 400K available for the Xbox One and close to 1 millions Xbox360 if we are to take VGC as accurate. While every week sales are going down and down. We are close to the end of the quarter and those are things MS can't afford and take no chance to let those things happen specially when PS4 is going to claim to be the new home console gen Leader at the end of this month.

1)With the Xbox One not selling and retailers having a hard time selling them, they will not accept more shipment and accept only limited shipments. MS can't afford to have a quarter report with almost no Xbox One or Xbox360 shipped.

2)With Titanfall coming out in March, but Infamous coming out a week later, MS can't afford to have NPD shows that PS4 has outsell the Xbox One on the month of  Titanfall, they can't take a chance to let that happen at all.

MS is currenlty making money out of the Xbox One and really didn't need a price cut and give away their best potential system sellers for free. Investors are currently looking for excuse to pressure the shutdown of Xbox Division. A quarter report that includes very few shipments of Xbox One and Xbox 360, where Sony Claims to be the new leader of home console in just 5 months, and Sony winning NPD in March with TitanFall launch would be a disaster. With this move now the only claims they will have to deal with is Sony being the new leader of home console in just 5 months. And would also show inverstors that the Xbox One is catching momentum the way they have been selling in March cause March is going to be huge for Xbox One.