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cura said:
vivster said:
People are jumping on the hype train because PS3 was disappointing last gen, making it the underdog. People love underdogs.

Or maybe they enjoyed the ps3 and therefore thought the ps4 would make a good console too? That certainly played a part in my decision to get the ps4. I really didn't care about the ps3's sales relative to the 360 and wii. The most important thing for me was to deliver the games, which the ps3 did in spades and I believe the ps4 will do so too.

That's why I bought a PS4 as well but overall the PS3 just was not a good product. High price, complicated hardware, slow menus, not enough RAM for the simplest things like cross game chat, visually less impressive multiplats, then that whole security breach. The content was what saved it in the end but on a physical level it was just bad and got its ass handed to it by both other systems for most of the gen.

PS4 is a complete reversal and that boosts the hype beyond normal levels.

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