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riecsou said:
leo-j said:
Because of what sony did with the ps3.. They deserve trust and sales.. To go from barely having better first party than microsoft , to surpassing Nintendo.. With innovative IP after IP.. They proved themselves last gen

The reason I went PS4 is actually trust, I just know the games are coming. I know deep inside each company are looking to make money and take my money, but for some reason I trust Sony. Can't explain why.

I think the people at Sony are looked at more as gamers than business men, whereas the opposite is true for Microsoft. Shuhei Yoshida oppenly admits to owning two Wii U consoles, and the teams all seem to get genuinely excited about new games.

Personally, I knew I was going to switch to PlayStation this generation a long while ago. I saw the way Microsoft were taking the Xbox brand, and that combined with a complete lack of support, charging for Xbox Live and putting services behind the paywall whilst also showering me with ads, it was enough that I sold my Xbox 360 back in January of last year and waited for Sony's reveal event. To cut a long story short, Sony had me at 59 seconds into their presentation:

"Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality."


And to me that is what Sony has become, imagination personified.