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Yeah, right. Only thing is that X1 is outsellling 360 by a ratio of 2.29 (according to MS). And Sony is outselling X1 1.5-2:1.

PS4 is still tracking above Wii without Japan. Did you have a good laugh now?

Again you are not looking at context of release and why it would be considered underperforming.

xbox 360 came off the Xbox a console that sold 23-4 million. What would be considered underperforming in 2005 isn't the same as today.

To give analogy, if Apple CEO at stock market had a briefing on the release of iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 is underperforming based on iPhone 5 sales but he makes the excuse "well it sold out sold the first iPhone sales." Do you think that people at the stock market think that is actual good defense? No, because iPhone 1 was not nearly as popular as iPhone 6 at that stage of the iPhone life. What this is telling the stock market is that pre-existing hardcore owners are adopting but it's failing to grab the fullest of the previous platform. Something needs to be corrected or the previous market is moving on to other things.

Ps4 is 5.1 million the wii is 100 million. What are you even talking about. The wii u is also ahead of ps4, only because it's been out longer but nevertheless, your still wrong. So, I guess I can still laugh? By the way, I was laughing because he said Sony makes the most innovated games and all other Sony is g-d talk.

He said the PS4 was tracking ahead of the Wii, not that it had sold more. Tracking ahead means that by the same point in the Wii's life (excluding japan) it had sold less than the PS4.

Yea, I mis-read that part. I will edit it. He didn't respond yet, so it shouldn't be an issue.

Wii and PS2 were both extremely supply constrained with super high demand. PS4 demand kinda dropped off a cliff in January.

and if you look at amazon, every last gen version of every PS4 game is selling more than PS4 and the top selling game is fucking Mario Kart 8

The PS4 is extremely supply constrained as well, sold out everywhere and the few places you can find it are small towns or really random places. Sony cant produce enough to keep up with the demand, how can you claim demand dropped off a cliff?  Top selling game is MK8? Wtf? #293 on Amazon best seller list.