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kupomogli said:
KingdomHeartsFan said:
BraveNewWorld said:
I don't get Nintendo's DLC philosophy. Why waste time and money to create and distribute physical copies? They only do this for Wii U, too. Nintendo doesn't pull nonsense like this by bundling Pushmo and Crashmo into physical copies...

If they keep doing it then it must be working for them, also this is kinda similar to Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection which sold over 3m physical copies.

Except that Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection was 49 full games.  Not challenges that take place on parts of each game.

I haven't played them, but NES Remix just seems like robbery.  With Retro Game Challenge, even though you did a bunch of challenges on each game, you unlocked the full game.  Nintendo's NES Remix are small challenges in hopes that Nintendo will sucker a player into buying their extremely overpriced virtual console games.

NES remix is actually well worth the money. Its two parts to the games The remix part and the collection part

And no they're not small challenges all of them. Its a fully featured fleshed out title. Play it first

Besides, if Nintendo was ripping people off, that would have spread quick on miiverse and people would stop buying it. But they didnt.

Nintendo doesnt like ripping people off. Just look at their Free to PLay games.