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I just bought a PSP tonight, I had one when they first came out but I got rid of it because the games were too slow to come out and because they took forever to add the features I wanted. I mainly got it so that I can play God Of War: Chains of Olympus and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. I haven't opened it yet. Now here is the dilemma.

I have all three home consoles. I haven't beaten Super Mario Galaxy or Metroid but after I do, I really don't see anything else I want to play on the Wii (I'm a "hardcore" gamer with a casual's amount of playing). I never play my Xbox 360 anymore, the only game I have on it that I've not beaten is Mass Effect, and I can't really get into it. My PS3 is waiting for games, and many of them are ones I want to play. The dilemma is this, should I considering selling my Wii and trading my Xbox 360? I know this is going to sound insane but... I feel "dirty" about owning so many game systems with the fact that I rarely take time to play my PS3 let alone my Wii or my Xbox 360. I am "trying" to move out of my parents house right now (trying is in quotes because I'm not really trying that hard to pay off my bills, I'm buying toys) and I work as a software developer and make good money so in this scenario I can buy alot of "stuff". Does anyone else think this might make me feel better? Maybe use the Wii money to pay off a bill or two?

Please if you are going to say anything like "OH WAH, you feel bad for spending money I feel sorry for you" or any other sarcastic remark please keep it to yourselves

P.S. By bills I mean debt