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J_Allard said:
Nsanity said:
J_Allard said:
Again, which of those games are in "akward" or "unpopular" genres? The most "akward" genre discussed so far is baseball, and you're touting that as a big game for PS4.

I never hyped up BTS game, I simply implied it makes no sense for MS to hype up a project as "the next Halo" if they are releasing a dating sim or something equally niche.

So basically you're ok with PS4's unknown and unproven games but have all sorts of doubts about MS. Well, I have doubts that Driveclub (delayed, being given out free, developers last couple games have been terrible) or Deep Down (free to play, looks generic and graphics were downgraded) will be any good. I am hoping The Order turns out good, but what do we know about it? Nothing. It could turn out to be dog shit for all we know. Difference is I won't tout my opinion as fact. These doubts I have about these games do not factually prove anything.

We know the game is being made by Ready At Dawn and it's resolution is 800P.

Well if the last couple months are any indication, that means most PS4 owners here shouldn't be buying that game.

Come back to me with the sales and critical reception/comments on games like Project Spark.  It does not fit into standard genres and it's certainly not going to take Minecraft's spot anytime soon.  Go sign up for Project Spark beta yourself.  If you really want to find out the truth about the game instead of posturing what-if propositions about what was shown at E3.  

Quantum Break - Interesting concept but one that has potential failure written all over it.   Good developer but I see a high 70s type metascore for this game at best because it's ambitiously going in the wrong directions.  That's assuming Remedy even finishes this  game before 2015.  A notorious company for not meeting release dates.   You might as well call them Square-Enix or Polyphony Digital.  I have doubt this even hits in 2014, and if it does I don't believe it will be as good as expected.

You most certainly hyped up the BTS game by including it in your list of why the Xbox One releases are so superior in 2014.  I said, we haven't even seen a single snippet or even idea of what the game is even truly about and you're going to put that on the list?   We might as well throw whatever Naughty Dog project is there because it will obviously be one of the best games of the generation.  And Last Guardian?   Sure,  we've seen more of that game than BTS or Sunset Overdrive.

Not one of PS4's "unknown" games that I mentioned is without some footage, screenshots or game direction.  I've watched 25 minutes of Deep Down gameplay.  I've atleast saw numerous in-game screenshots for The Order and been given a run through on the genre it will be.    

Stark contrast from Sunset Overdrive/Quantum Break/BTS game.

As for DriveClub,   with PS  Plus it's very common for quality games to make their way into users hands for free.  (For example,  my favorite game of the generation so far)  Resogun was completely free with a PS Plus subscription and I probably never would have bought it without one.   As for your comment about the developer?  While we're certainly not talking about some 'AAA' developer.   I'd say a company whose three fully-fledged console release titles this generation scored  (84,82,77) respectively an average of 81 on Metacritic doesnt exactly mesh with your 'Developers last few games have been terrible'.

If you want to get into developers whose last few games have been terrible,  you need to look right at the feet of Insomniac games.  Their last several games have been absolutely god awful (75,65, 63,70, 83) average of 71 overall.  Doesn't exactly inspire confidence in their new IP which we've seen not an ounce of footage or screenshots of.