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Again, which of those games are in "akward" or "unpopular" genres? The most "akward" genre discussed so far is baseball, and you're touting that as a big game for PS4.

I never hyped up BTS game, I simply implied it makes no sense for MS to hype up a project as "the next Halo" if they are releasing a dating sim or something equally niche.

So basically you're ok with PS4's unknown and unproven games but have all sorts of doubts about MS. Well, I have doubts that Driveclub (delayed, being given out free, developers last couple games have been terrible) or Deep Down (free to play, looks generic and graphics were downgraded) will be any good. I am hoping The Order turns out good, but what do we know about it? Nothing. It could turn out to be dog shit for all we know. Difference is I won't tout my opinion as fact. These doubts I have about these games do not factually prove anything.