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2008ProchargedGT said:
selnor1983 said:

No Im not saying you are. But if we start comparing Forza with GT in here, its gonna blow up to shit. Not necessarily me and you, but others will wade on in and there goes the thread.

If genuine discussion is what you want we can do this outside this thread, or make a specific Forza 5 vs GT6 thread.

i dont understand why comparisons to FM5 are offlimits, the OP clearly posted a quote from the artical that made a comparison.

OP GT has always been one of my fav series but this gen i think they just lost touch, i spent about80hrs or so on GT5 and didnt really give GT6 a chance, judging by the sales alot of people share my opinion.Hopefully the next gen title will be up to thier standards.

Who says they're off-limits, it just often results in bans of the usual suspects.

OP didn't make a comparison, but yes Forza was indeed mentioned in that article. Quick 'Forza' search
we're seeing state-of-the-art features that aren't even present in the next-gen Forza Motorsport 5.
In either mode (720p/1080p), texture filtering is used well enough to avoid losing significant texture detail at steep angles - unlike the competing Forza 5.
Polyphony Digital insists on updating all reflections and mirrors at the same rate as the game itself. Games such as Forza 5 actually decouple these elements and display them at a variable frame-rate

Where did PD lose touch for you? I've spend more time on GT5 this gen than on any other GT. There was just so much to do, plus the newness of playing GT online. GT6 now feels small in comparison. I finished career mode, all gold, under 60 hours, together with the seasonal events. The new tracks are great, and day/night/weather on many more tracks is awesome, yet GT5 felt grander. I'm missing Rally and F1 from career mode. Moon buggy is nice but over way too soon. No real endurance races, no custom tracks (yet), no procedurally generated rally tracks. No xp progression and small payouts make the online less atractive as well. A lot of people simply hang out in tune and cruise rooms, not bothering with racing :/