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SvennoJ said:
selnor1983 said:
I actually preferred GT5's visuals. It seemed less blurry. Also I noticed quite a lot of framerate drops. I didn't play it longer than about an hour, but the whole thing felt a step backwards from GT5. And the engine sounds sound like a Scooter 50cc. Im not going to make any comparisons to Forza 5 because that's not remotely fair. But compared to last generation sim games, I thought GT6 was pretty bad.

You're right it's not fair to compare a game that actually does next-gen racing with loads of content, to one that's not much more then a tech demo under perfect driving conditions, and still needs to resort to static 2D crowd bitmaps.

GT6 visuals are improved, it doesn't seem more blurry to me. I've only played it for 68 hours so far on a projector, maybe I haven't had enough time with it yet to see the blurryness.

It is a step back in other areas:
- No Formula 1 races
- No shuffle mode online
- No endurance races (beyond the 24 minute ones)
- No custom tracks (to be patched in later)
- No random rally track races

I wont discuss Forza vs GT here. PM me if you want to talk further.