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kupomogli said:

Don't you people know? Being exclusive automatically makes the games 100 times better. Look at the Armored Core franchise. Despite being great games, hardly anyone has every paid to them and the games generally get low scores.

The proof in all this is Mechassault. Despite how poor the game is, especially compared to Armored Core, the game received massive praise as an exclusive and had high review scores all around. With 32 scores it's sitting at an 87 on Metacritic.

Not a mech game, but just want to point out what being exclusive does to ratings. Perfect Dark Zero. Yet another horrible game and with a high review score.  75 scores and it's sitting at an 81.


Unless it's a Sony game.  For some reason, review sites don't drop to their knees and virtually felate Sony every time they receive an exclusive.  Except Ni No Kuni.  They had to pick one of the worst Sony games to shower with praise. 

Yeah, the classical "Sony-is-always-the-victim" fan response. First of all: never trust review scores, they are misguiding since taste is a personal thing. We do know that this game has gotten massive praise from the press ASWELL as gamers around the world though. Being exclusive does not make a game better, but why must the opposite be true then?

When the first gameplay images of TLOU was shown, everyone celebrated it before even playing one bit of it. That is because people know what to expect from Naughty Dog. The same goes for the creators of the best COD to date, Respawn. In their case it has been strenghtend by the fact that alot of people have played it.