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DanneSandin said:
lucidium said:
DanneSandin said:
Yup, it's overhyped. Just like Uncharted.

ZING, but true.

At the same time, just like Mario.

It's like I said in the other thread; you have it in for Nintendo. And this is why I don't want to discuss things with you.

That would be as absurd as to claim you have it in for sony because you said uncharted is overhyped, and for someone that doesn't want to discuss things you sure quote me and reply enough.

You can like Nintendo and not like Mario, you know, there isn't a golden rule that says "If you dislike Mario you SULLY THE NAME OF NINTENDO!", personally I like Xenoblade, Starfox, Pokemon, Metroid, Fatal frame, Earthbound and Zelda, X and ZeldaU are the main reasons my WiiU is still sitting patiently by the TV.

Take a chill pill phil.