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darthdevidem01 said:
Really curious to see January NPD if these sellouts & huge demand still continue.

I'm so surprised there's still so much demand, the Wii was at least attracting a whole new market which can explain the unprecedented demand.

I think it just captured the "cool" image.  I mean it just looks badass acording to every video I've seen and talk show and stuff it's been on.  It's also been an extra long gen so the thirst was real for a leap in graphics and quickness of loading and such but also just for something NEW and Sony was the first to show.  Let's not forget E3 which the mainstream pay the most attention to went about as well for Sony as it has for any company in E3's history.  PS4 had the lead due to better specs and being the first to show, but after the thunderous applause and terrible PR from MS it was clear who was going to have the lead at the start.  Even after MS altered their plans they had to spend the whole Summer and Fall denying new rumors and undoing bad decisions instead of building excitement, which Sony was doing all those months and getting people amped.

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