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lukeroux said:
I have yet to see a ps4 box in store...


They usually don't put them on stands yet, but Poland gets a lot of stock, at least Warsaw. Saturns had 3 batches with the launch in 2013 always on fridays between 52-95 units. Since Media Markts have the same parent company, I expect that to be similar. Sony Stores also up until now got refills on Fridays but way less units, launch was 60 units iirc, after that around 20. Empiks had very little stock, only 40 units for whole Warsaw on launch day, don't know what after that. Don't have shipment info from 2014.

Last Tuesday Media Markt had around 5 in stock, Ultima will have another batch this Monday, Sony Center (Klif) this Tuesday. So there is usually some stock but it gets sold out in time. Actually I'm surprised so many units get allocated for Poland. 

And not to mention the unofficial resellers like small video game stores which usually have consoles all the time, but they're selling them for around 500-600 Euros so it's normal that they aren't selling so fast.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!