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Viltgance said:
vivster said:
Wow, you're like an anti-toastboy, just with more bias and less common sense.

Paid advertisement wasn't really invented yesterday you know?

So your saying it's pointless to watch game reviews then?

It's not pointless. That is if you don't buy into the "every review is paid" crap. Gaming journalism is not as rotten as some poeple like to think it is. Sure there are some bad examples here and there but that's not the norm. I follow a few gaming sites and I trust their reviews because I've read many of them to different games and agree with most of the stuff said. There are enough serious reviewers that will never stoop so low and will even call out any attempt made by a publisher to bribe them. That's why I believe most serious publishers don't bother to bribe a reviewer since it can massively backfire on them.

If I don't believe what a review says I will just read another one. I'm not really that dependant on reviews anyway since I only buy games that I will like guaranteed. I read them because it's nice to hear people agree with me :)

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