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RolStoppable said:
pezus said:


One question: Which company is the only company to have nickled and dimed gamers since the beginning, profiting from them? Which companies have barely even profited despite great sales? There's clearly one company that cares only about profit while the others care about gamers.

If Nintendo gave a shit about gamers they wouldn't have made the WiiU. Look at how they thought everyone would run out and spend $299 on a freakin WiiU

I still can't figure out if this is a joke, no matter how often I read it. There's a chance you actually believe that businesses who don't profit care about gamers while in reality they are just bad at business.

Lol, it was kind of a joke but with some truth in it. If Nintendo cared about gamers before money they wouldn't have profited so insanely a few years back and then developed the WiiU.