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NintendoPie said:

Nintendo's market share rise and fall came to happen because of many different problems.

No, it's not a rise-and-fall. It's a rise-fall-fall-fall then again rise-fall-fall-fall. Fall is the rule, rise is the exception. The rule comes from what they are every day and night (not a coincidence of many problems that strangely get bigger 3 times in a row). The exception comes from a combination of creativity and market opportunity that only happens from time to time.


NintendoPie said:

If you are talking about Nintendo keeping their games at a higher price throughout the generation, that's because of supply and demand. If a company sees that their product is still selling at the price that it first was sold at, they're going to keep it at that price. This didn't effect Nintendo's market share.

They managed to control supply and demand in NES times (http://www.geekcomix.com/vgh/fourth/nesbad.shtml) in order to get submissive retailers and gamers. Again, you are considering that all companies think the same way. If what you say was to be right, then Game Cube console and games would have experienced many more price drops than PS2 console and games. And if you read the article I've mentioned, you will understand that it did affect Nintendo's market share. When there are cartrige shortages, games don't sell as much. When it's the console maker controlling cartrige production, 3rd parties don't get as much units as they would want. When small 3rd parties don't have decent sales, they break. When there is less competition, the console maker raises its market share and domination.


NintendoPie said:

Nintendo's console, even if it is considered a "7th generation console", is still affordable in that sphere of thought.

Affordable? Yes. Cheap? Not as much as the PS3.


NintendoPie said:

The PS3 cost more than it for awhile, then became the same price. The XB 360 was sold at the same price, for certain editions.

In what year, month, day, second did you see the PS3 or X360 more expensive than the Wii U?


NintendoPie said:

By "low-budget" remakes are you talking about WWHD? If so, how do you know without question how much it cost to make?

No. The quotation marks were not on the "low-budget" but on the "remakes". Nintendo games are low-budget and that is obvious for me even without knowing any numbers from them. Just do the following experiment: 1 - look at the production costs of high-budget games and low-budget games - 2 - make a list of the things that mostly made the games expensive - 3 - see whether those things are mostly present on the most expensive games - 4 - see if Nintendo's games have those things mostly present too. You will get to the same conclusion as me.

Regarding "remakes", I'm talking about the old same old IPs with the old same old game architectures. Nintendo is the company doing it the most. The most demanding gamers could not stand for it and decided to migrate to PlayStation as soon as it appeared. That was Sony's revolution with the PS1: a revolution of atttitude...and the market opportunity was there, gamers were desperately waiting for new games and decent quality/price offers.


NintendoPie said:

Easy, Nintendo has values. Every company, to an extent, has values. They have to follow laws.

I don't get you. Of course evey company has values and they go beyond the law. Sony and Microsoft could have adopted the region lock for PS4 and XOne (like Nintendo did for WiiU) but they didn't. Nintendo has certainly more values than Monsanto once I don't see them capable of challenging the public health. And there are many more examples of different values among different companies. The law means actually very little as some companies manage to change it with their influence while others go around it changing the market rules.


NintendoPie said:

I don't see how you can even disagree with this statement. It shows how the gaming community can come together on something and push against it. Is that bad, in your opinion?

No they don't. I won't even talk about fanboys that only want to see the other side burning. A gamer is a consumer, and a consumer only cares about him/herself. I'm not concerned about whether it is good or bad. It is what it is. So, gamers fighting for the abolishment of the DRM from XOne only came (significantly) from people interested on the console.

But ok, let's forget about Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo clients and let's just consider them as gamers. Then my statement would be: Xbox would be a disgusting choice if gamers were as demanding with it as they are with Nintendo consoles.

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