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Zod95 said:

No, it wasn't. What pezus asserted was that there is a company that only cares about profit while there are others that care about gamers and history proves that. And I agree with this. Is it then impossible to care about gamers and make profits at the same time? No, and Microsoft proved that during the entire X360 period. But they certainly couldn't profit as much as Nintendo did with NES (with all those atrocities towards devs, retailers and gamers) or Wii (with all those low budget games ever costing 50€ while PC has the same kind of games for free).

I see here in this thread a lot of double standard. When Sony / Microsoft engage into greedy policies (which is rare, by the way) some people call them greedy. When Nintendo does it (which is much more often and intensive) the very same people call them smart and competent at business management.

When Sony / Microsoft fail, those people find it fair and call them incompetent and out of touch with the gaming industry (after all, they are not deticated gaming companies, as some say). When it's Nintendo, the very same people feel sorry for them and want everybody to donate money to them.

Companies are what we (consumers) allow them to be. With all this double standard, it doesn't surprise me that Nintendo is so much more greedy than Sony / Microsoft. That's obviously gamers' fault. What would have happened if the demanding Xbox clients became as "brand-protective" as those Nintendo fans I was talking about? I bet the DRM policies would have been on at this moment as well as other equally (or even more) aggressive measures that Microsoft has never even dare to think about. Nintendo fans with that attitude will only get harmed (by the very company they are trying to defend) and people like me will only avoid giving a dime to Nintendo.

Are you a joke account?

Nintendo is greedy because third parties overcharged for their games on the Wii? Turkish is a Nintendo fan? When did Nintendo ever try anything of the magnitude of Microsoft's DRM policies? You are asserting that Nintendo committed the same or worse and got away with it because of their brand-protective fans.

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