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Slimebeast said:

Perhaps a little overhyped but that comes as a bonus when hands-on impressions have been so good. Everyone who tried it is praising it. That must mean something.

It's a 95% Meta incoming and will be absolutely huge. Between all three versions it should reach 10 million in 2014 (and with the sequel likely being on PS4 it will grow to the extent of going head to head with COD in popularity).

Also the timing of release couldn't be more perfect by releasing so close after the disappointments with Call of Duty Ghosts, Battelfield 4 and Halo on a decline.

lol.  You keep saying this dont you mate.... I guess you will be right eventually, perhaps by Halo 9?


No chance.

1.) Halo as a series is on a slight decline, and gets fierce competition from COD.

2.) All software sales are down this late in the gen (TheSource could probably show those charts which say SW is down 20% on a yearly basis and that has to reflect on big titles as well).

3.) And there's not much time for having as long legs as say Halo 3 since Xbox 3 is only one year away and after that the interest in the X360 will rapidly decline.

So a realistic expectation is 9 million lifetime for Halo 4.


9 million already and still counting.  Tracking ahead of Halo 3 and there is no doubt it will have far higher digital sales already too. 

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