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prayformojo said:
snyps said:
Wii U is my favorite system.. i don't care if you don't like it. Iwata stays.

Translation? "I'm going to plug my ears, close my eyes and hum my troubles away" lol.

The problem Nintendo has is due to creating a vaccum. They sent the core packing during the Gamecube and Wii era, and swooned the casual. The casual left, and then they had no one to sell games to (console speaking). Now, they have to start from scratch again. I hope they do it. I have faith that they'll do it. If anyone can, it's them. They're the last of their kind. A true, gaming company.

No. As a consumer, the stock of Nintendo is irrelevant to me. What games  they'll release is what I have my eyes and ears.

And I'm not going into arguments now, I'm sick. But you made a good point, even if it's what they are trying to NOT make the Wii U.

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