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let's face it, the Gamecube, though made a nice profit, wasn't all that successful. The Wii was successful for three years and it completly petered off. Nintendo didn't maximize profits on the Wii. The DS was really great but since there were so many versions of it, the system confused people. People don't know that the 3DS is a new handheld. 3DS got off to a bad start and is finally selling a decent amount. The Wii U was a huge failure no matter which way you slice it. I hope Nintendo can profit overall on the Wii U but it still seems like it's losing A LOT of money for Nintendo to be losing money overal for the year. Shareholdas are waving their pitchforks at Iwata because he can't post profits anymore. I think he needs to retire and hand his job over to someone who is more hip with the industry. Who agrees?