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TK14 said:
Xenoblade Chronicles. On "limited hardware" the scale and scope of the game surpasses the majority of the games on the HD twins. The soundtrack is the best I've ever heard, with music that NEVER gets old even after spending hours in each area and over 100+ hours in the game as a whole. The art style is so wonderful that even on the "limited hardware" the game manages to be consistently beautiful and downright STUNNING at times with an impressive draw distance to boot. The "world/s" and all the distinctive areas are imaginative and creative and exciting to explore. The characters are likable and memorable. The story is deep, engrossing and constantly expanding. It kept me wondering and thinking and guessing all the way through. The battle system is fun, easy to understand yet with a good amount of depth and strategy and freedom. The exploration is phenomenal. There are quests and collectibles galore. The game itself is addicting…when I knew I was near the end, I literally did NOT want it to be over…and thankfully there was so much content that there was plenty for me to do to extend the game before the end. Only after doing the majority of the quests, getting all characters to lvl 99, unlocking and completing almost every skill tree, raising affinity between all party characters AND "area affinity" in the different locations, and doing some of the collectopedia was I finally able to bring myself to do the ending…125 hours in. When it was over, I played the "ending sequence" several more times because it was an ending that did NOT disappoint. Then…after a short break I went back and did a NG+ run bringing my total up to 150 hours. And now, a year later, I'm playing it again from the beginning from lvl 1 (already 10 hours in…lvl 17) and I'm already hooked again. From start to finish it is a masterpiece. I literally LOVE this game…and as good as games like Super Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and others were…Xenoblade Chronicles is unequivocally my game of the generation. :)

I fully agree.