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S.T.A.G.E. said:

I say this because I read an article in 2012 from Remedy and actually pinned it up on my saved articles. Remedy nagged at Microsoft until it happened. Microsoft just made them wait until it sold on the console first. I think this will have the same outcome. Remedy is a very loyal brand to PC gamers. Nothing they create for Microsoft will ever truly stay exclusive because they are just too loyal. Here is a quotation and the article. I am almost certain Quantum Break is coming to PC.

"What I'm trying to say, to speak from the heart, PC gaming is part of Remedy's heritage, back from the first Death Rally that was made in a basement to Max Payne 1, which was made partly in a basement, and Max Payne 2. Announcing Alan Wake on PC was always an important factor for us."


Here is the difference.

Quantum Break is a MS IP and not a Remedy IP. When it came to Alan Wake Microsoft allowed them to get a different publisher for the game. I believe it was Nordic Games. All the games you mentioned were Remedy IP's.

This would be a 100 percent Microsoft decision that I don't think they will green light.

This article right here doesn't paint the picture of the game being a Microsoft IP but rather an investor. Remedy credits them saying the game couldn't have happened without their funding, but thats about it.

You could be right though, but even then I think they would still nag at Microsoft to allow them to do it no different than Alan Wake. 

Here you go.