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Seece said:
My point on Nintendo having to take back WiiU stock from Europe is console warrior?? Er no. It's painting a very accurate picture of demand and how retailers would be approaching all things WiiU with caution.

Fact: Wii U is now selling in Europe (whether it's healthy level or not, remaining retailers aren't shipping consoles back any more). What happened more than three months is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT, except to console warriors.

Also note that the return shipments were from retailers that were ceasing sales of the Wii U entirely. This cannot explain the sales at retailers that still carry the system.

But all of that is besides the point. The Wii U stock movement is irrelevant to Wii Fit U sales. You brought it into the discussion for no other reason than because you want to invoke the console war arguments. Now, if you have nothing substantial to contribute to the discussion, kindly leave the discussion.