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shams said: I expect it to be around 3.5m sold by the end of March (this includes European launch figures). Unless there is a revelation coming soon... (there is some story about an announcement at GDC going to make PS3 owners happy... what could it be??).
I was reading on that. The sony boards seem to think it is either a) the new XMB. or b) Killzone demo. (however they say that about every new announcement) However I have seen quite a few offical places talking about a killzone demo... wich makes NO sense at ALL. Becuase offical sites tend to stay away from rumors unless there is fact to them. So I'm really curious about the KillZone deal. EDIT: I also expect about 3.5 by the end of march. With Gundam comming soon in japan, Motorstorm, FEAR, Tekken5 HD, Oblivion, AC4, Enchanted arms, God father. (some of those are multiplatform) but either way. March is getting at least 1 killer game in each game class.

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