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oldschoolfool said:
DerpSandwich said:
I'm in constant communication with all of my friends, despite sometimes not seeing some of them for weeks at a time. I'm in contact with old friends and family members that live so far away I would realistically never see or talk to them. I'm constantly in a discussion or collaborating on a project with my fellow filmmakers or keeping up on what my extended family is up to.

There are a lot of reasons social media is awesome. It can go too far, and it's all about how you use it, but saying that it has no point just because there's a lot of garbage on it is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Sometimes I become obsessive and spend too much time on Facebook, but as a tool it's invaluable.

Let me ask you a question. Why,can't you just use a phone for all of that? 

That's simple, people don't have the time for interactive 1 on 1 conversation anymore. It all started with the answering machine, leave a message, I'll leave a message for you.

Social media allows you to keep in touch with people without ever having to talk directly to them. Yup it takes the social out of interaction in that sense. That's where all the other nonsense on facebook comes in, people still have a need for small talk, rumors, gossip and acknowledgement.  The stuff you all did when visiting or meeting people in the street before smart phones and internet.
The same reason why people like party chat, no need to actually visit with people, still the benefit of mindless chatter.