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mutantsushi said:
DareDareCaro said:
Don't understand the necessity of standby mode. It takes me 1 minute and an half from PS4 off to Killzone MP...

PS4 is very fast at cold boot ups and application loading.  XBone is notably slower, and thus standby offers more of a usability benefit.
XBone has much lower "standby mode" power draw than the current PS4, indicating that MS was succesful in designing that aspect of the console... Which is somewhat ironic, considering that XBone needs to maintain CPU resources for voice-recognition "power on" while Sony does not.  Again, nothing prevents Sony from releasing future versions of PS4 with a better secondary ARM CPU to enable lower power standby (and if/when they do so, they should have lower stand-by power draw than XBone, if they forgo voice-activated "power on" ala Kinect), but the current version hardware seems unlikely to achieve that (although more efficient software with less CPU requirements could hypothetically be possible).

Ironically, Sony's PS4 seems to have quieter and colder running hardware than MS' XBone when running games,
despite PS4's smaller case including both 50% more GPU hardware and the internal power supply unit.

Does the standby power use depend on what features you enable?
Or do you mean it uses more power when it's downloading in standby mode?