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drake4 said:
SandyVGina said:
i didnt expect `1080p from nintendo, but i did from the xbox one and ps4. look PC gamers have been bragging about 1080p for years, i expected sony and microsoft to put enough power into there counsel so most games could be 1080p. it looks like Sony did, and it looks like MS got cheap and did not.

microsoft didn't go cheap though there console cost more to make then ps4, they just made horrible descisions by focusing on making a all in one entertainment device, they decided early they wanted 8 gigs of ddr3 no matter how bad it would effect the console performance,.sony was orginially gonna jusy have 2-4 gigs of fast ram, cause of how expensive it was, and there main focus was on making the best gaming console, later they decided lets just put 8 cause the price has dropped significantly by the time the console was in final planning stages.

Actually, according to their twitter, kinect 2.0 accounts for roughly half the cost of the system.