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BlkPaladin said:

Wonder Red - New Comer
Mew Two - Returning

(Well I'm not count Zelda since they just announced her a little bit ago.)

Pick 8 NewComers! 

As for returning characters. Pick as much as you think will make it back (bottom is the list of all unannounced characters so far). Be warned. You get 3 points for each you get right but if you pick somebody and they are mot in the game you lose 2 points (this is where it gets fun!)

Good Luck!

Dr. Mario    Falco      Wolf    Young Link    Pichu     Diddy Kong     R.O.B     Pokemon Trainer    Ike

Mewtwo     Lucario   Sheik   Ganondorf     Yoshi     Wario      Mr. Game and Watch      Metaknight

Jigglypuff    Lucas     Ness    Ice Climbers   Roy     King Dedede     Zero Suit Samus    Snake     Captain Falcon