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Keep In mind, predictions will end when the next character is revealed so pls hurry and make your decisions!

I'll post everybody's predictions when ready!



●Table of Contents

⇒1st Post of this thread (this one) will Contain Ruleset+Point System

⇒2nd Post of this thread will Contain User's Predictions on Returning Characters

⇒3rd Post of this thread will Contain User's Top 8 Newcomers!

⇒4th Post ???


★Rules For Prediction

(Read the Rules Below For Specific Details) Predict who'll return and 8 New Comers!

This thread is for predicting Characters who will be returning as playable or not as well as predicting up to 8 New Comers For SSB WiiU/3DS!

What Counts for Returning Characters? They have to be playable in the next installment. Also if a Character bevomes an Alt Skin/Costume such as Dr. Mario it counts (So if you choose Dr. Mario and he's an extra costume you get points).

To put pressure on choosing wisely i have come up with a point system. Pls follow this as this will be calculated with the final roster of the game!


◆Points◆ (These only affect of which you think will return in the game)

Returning Characters! 3 Points if They are Back in The Game! However if a character you pick is not in the game at all you'll lose 2 Points in your total Score!

New Comers! Everybody is eligible to predict up to 8 Characters. Same as above, if they become an Alt Skin/Costume it counts. 2 Points Will Be Given Out if your Correct!


These are the Characters that have been Unannounced/Will Not Make The Game, so make sure to pick carefully from this list


Dr. Mario    Falco      Wolf    Young Link    Pichu     Diddy Kong     R.O.B     Pokemon Trainer    Ike

Mewtwo     Lucario   Sheik   Ganondorf     Yoshi     Wario      Mr. Game and Watch      Metaknight

Jigglypuff    Lucas     Ness    Ice Climbers   Roy     King Dedede     Zero Suit Samus    Snake     Captain Falcon





~List Of Confirmed Characters



!!!!!!!!!NEW COMERS!!!!!!!!