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Apple bids for Sony

A generation ago, Sony SNE -1.67%  was the company that manufactured the cool, must-have gadgets that everyone wanted. It decided it needed to control software as well as hardware if it was to sustain its success, and went out and bought film studios and records labels to feed the content for its devices.

Fast-forward two decades, and Apple AAPL -0.53%  is the cash-rich manufacturer of must-have gadgets, but it is running out of innovations, and needs something to re-invigorate itself. It can’t be long before Tim Cook decides Apple needs content to feed into all those iPads, iPods, and soon to be launched iWatches. So how about buying an ailing Sony? With one move, it can make itself a big player in content. And, as an added bonus, it can learn something about how to make televisions and games consoles as well. It is not as if it is short of the cash — Sony is only valued at $18 billion, which doesn’t count as much more than lose change at Apple these days.





So this isn't the only article I've read about apple to buy sony. And there are a lot of people which I got into a discussion with about this. 
Personally i think it won't happen, I also don't want it to happen.
But think about it.. This is very possible. 
Apple could go on a buying spree like google.

What do you people think?


Sony Market Cap:  $18.4B 
Apple Market Cap: $512.9B