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Hey you guys, I have bought this Playstation 4 thing and love Resogun. But because almost none of my friends own a PS4 and those who do don´t play Resogun. So I was thinking to make a VGChartz Reogun league. 

The way it would work is everybody who wants to participate has to post his PSN ID here. I will then create a list of all participants, after that you add everybody to your friendslist. I will update the scores ones a week. I would like to have highscores for every difficulty in the arcade mode, not for the individual levels because it would be too much to keep track of. 


So if anybody is interested post your PSN ID in here and we can start.





AndrewWK: Cefosa

DamnTastic: DamnTastic

MmmFishTacos: Mmm_Fish_tacos 

Robotechheaven: animeheaven

Pezus: Blackpezus

Petroleo: dudex123wako 

Junbug_01: bronxbomber777

Xevross: Xevross

Shinobi-Sam: Pain_Sama_Za
Arcade Rookie: 50 720 750
Arcade Experienced: 59.000.000
Arcade Rookie: 41.234.460
Arcade Experienced: 11.586.860
Rookie - 35,706,990
Experienced - 34,566,010
Veteran - 15,839,880
Arcade Rookie: 46,861,720
Experienced: 87,007,890


1.)Shinobi-San: 14.449.320

2.)AndrewWK: 7.329.920

3.) MmmFishTacos 1.553.230


1.) Shinobi-SAn: 11.036.920

2.) AndrewWK: 9.0640890


1.)Shinobi-San: 9.929.770

2.) AndrewWK: 5.948.670


1.) AndrewWK: 12.105.710

2.) Shinobi-San: 8.085.270


1.)Shinobi-San: 10.008.890

2.)AndrewWK: 3.380.070