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loy310 said:
DD_Bwest said:
The man is entitled to his opinions and beliefs, just as A&E should be entitled to fire him.

"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it"

All A&E had to do was release a statement saying the views and beliefs expressed by him are not that of the station. They totally botched the PR on this one.

A&E and most media corporations just want to be neutral and not get their brands mixed up in controversy. And out of all things to publicly rant about this idiot decides to rant about the Gay and Lesbian community while employed for a massive media/entertainmet company that strongly supports the gay community...... lol....how dumb can you be? I guess they were not paying him enough..... lol

A&E is not attacking his freedom of speech they just don't want to associate their brand with his extreme opinions, his opinions supports hatred sanctioned by religion towards a community, this is very dangerous communications for A&E they have very little choice here.

Putting him on hiatus is the proper communication from A&E, they did the right thing for their brand, reputation and their business not to mention, to a lesser extent, they did the right thing for all the gay celebs that they employ present and future.



He didnt just get up on a soap box, he was asked during an interview.  He has a right to respond with his own beliefs.   BUT A&E can also respond any way they like. They have every right to deal with it any way they want, but The reason i say they botched it is because now everyone in north america knows about the damn interview(striesand effect), and they have created a mountain out of a mole hill. They put themselves into the middle of everything, instead of taking a step back and distancing themselves.

The remark wasnt done during the show so its very easy for A&E to just say they dont agree and its not what they believe, Hell they could have instructed Phil to make a statement that its his beliefs and not that of A&E.  It distances themselves while not making a big deal about it and at the same time not pissing off the millions of viewers who watch the show.

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