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d2wi said:
Liberals are most tolerant people on earth, unless you disagree with them.

Has nothing to do with Liberalism you could go on your facebook right now and say "Being gay is a sin and they will have to one day answer to god" and if the higher ups at your job see that they will fire you within 24 hours.

They have customers they can not allow you to destroy their brand just so you can spew whatever you like. When you sign a contract with a job they explain to you that you are now property of the job anything you do to put the company in a bad light you will be terminated immediately.

Conservatives claim to be the party of "responsibility and self reliance" yet anytime something bad happens to them they blame it on liberals. Stop blaming people for the dumb choices you make, I also have opinions about people but I keep it to myself because I don't want to lose my freaking job, he should have done the same.