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Nirvana_Nut85 said:
BeElite said:
Nirvana_Nut85 said:

P.S How would me showing a games numbers to be undertracked by 30% disprove your numbers? Some of your questions do not make any sense. Please read what you are actually writing before posting!

its ok i get it logic some can do it other have a hard time, its cool were all differant.

It would show the difference in sales between PD and Vg is not digital but just Vg undertracking.  The more games severly undertracked by Vg you show the more you crumble my argument that the differance is digital, get it now bud ? think you can show me some numbers now maybe ? try disproving my numbers with numbers ? 

Just look up a official number releases by publishers or developer, then check Vgc numbers.  Find ones with large differences 30ish % and you have just proven your arguments agianst mine.  If you need more help bud just ask.

PFFT. Your too much. Also @ Bolded - For god sakes, would it kill you to have one response that doesn't have a gramatically incorrect sentence?

It seems your mathematical skills seem to be off.  5.35mill/4.14 does not equal 30% nor does 3.08/4.2.( 23%/27%). Simply using a calculator would have saved you embarassment.

So I win if I can provide a game that was undertracked by 30% +....... Can you say Nintendo Land??? As of March 31st 2013 Nintendo reported 2.6 million sales. VG's #'s were 1.83 at the time. If my calulations are correct, that's 31%. VG now has the numbers at 2.61 million (Dec 7th,2013), which Nintendo land obviously sold more than 10k in copies in 8 months. Also, I believe VG had Mario around 1.7, while Nintendo posted 2.15 at that time as well (21%) Which is only 2% shy of GT5P.  Therefore, I just proved my argument against you. Checkmate....You gonna be ok...bud! 

P.S Waiting to see how you retract " Bolded" and try and spin this one. "Grabs popcorn"!


first post of page 17

"GT5p feb/march 2008 
22.62% Digital sales.

GT PSP 2009 Oct
27% DIGITAL sales."

I see you are still making shit up casue you have nothing of merit to post.

Your link shows Ninland at 2.6m 
Vgc is currently at at 2.62 

Therefore yahh......... 

I asked "Show what major games finall tally has been undertracked by 30% thus disproving my numbers" 

 Not show Vg under or over tracking a game a few months out, i know they do we all do.  We all know they get shit wrong often early on.  This is what iv been saying all along and what you have been arguing agianst, what you posted strengthens my point that Vgs early numbers for GT6 shouldnt be overly trusted and i must give you applaus.  You even manged to show months after release not just the early weeks but months after their numbers will be dubious at best.

Nirvana_Nut85 said:

We have a clear indication of the numbers. Actually if anything, VG numbers are probably a little too high for the U.S (I suspect it's lower). 

Ohh and i got to say what you suspected is wrong, they have already adjusted them up a little bit. 


How is it you dont see that you posted the perfect counter, to your self.  

Awesome job!!


Yahh checkmate bud, id laugh at you but this is getting pitifull.