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The best games are Zeldas, Marios of any kind, GOldeneye, Perfect dark, Turok 2, Banjo games, Donkey kong, JetForce Gemini...and so on...add Winback, Hybrid heaven, RE2, Shadowman, Duke nukem Zero hour, Forsaken, Quake II... from 3rd parties

it had a fair amount of good racing games
World driver, Roadsters, Ridge racer64, Top gear rally, F1 WGP, Top gear Overdrive, SFRush games...plus MArioKart, Wave race, Diddy kong racing and F-zero nonetheless

Fighters destiny and Killer insctinct are good fighters worth checking out

ISS64, 98 and 2000 ed. are best football games ever made. take note

overall i think youre just a spammer