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Kresnik said:
I'll probably regret posting this, but:

I recently went 90 days without any porn or masturbation as a challenge to myself. It was extremely difficult for the first ~ 30 or so days but it got a lot easier after that.

I still don't look at porn. I don't plan on doing it ever again (I'm expecting this resolve to wear down over time, though).

I haven't actually masturbated since the 90 days were up either, out of choice (it's been about 120 days now; 5 months, blimey). That's not to say I don't get off at all anymore, just that I only ever do it with my partner; my drive for doing anything solo has kind of gone.

Le gasp! Kresnik! You masturbate?!

Oh, the humanity!

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.