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BTW some guys confuses the NPS division with Game Division... in FY 2009, FY2010 and FY2011 Sony posted the results for the NPS division but when they removed the Game Division from the NPS again in FY2012 they showed the FY2011 data for comparison.

So you can see that the NPS have a loss of 20.2 billion yen in FY2011...

But the Game Division profited 29.3 billion yen...

PS3 is profiting since 2009 but the other parts of the NPS division was so bad that make the Division post loss.

My table shows a * in the FY2010 and FY2009 because it used the NPS data... the issue is that the Game Division alone did profited a lot these years but the NPS got loss in FY2009 and low profit in FY2010.

The reallity is that if you get only Game Division in these years the number cam be even better for Sony and maybe cover the first year loses.